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Posted By admin on April 20th, 2009


Who are the groups “doing it right” when it comes to ad campaigns on Twitter? In this post we will take a look at what has made for successful campaigns on Twitter 6 separate groups.



Engaging Social Media is a weblog written as part of Maven Mktg’s ongoing research into the best practices in social media based advertising campaigns.  The ultimate goal is to collect enough information to reliably design and predict the outcomes of social media campaign prior to launching them.

Our definition of “engagement” is anything that inspires a persisting curiosity in your brand.  Included in this is identification, respect and a sense of mystery.  Granted, this definition may be a little on the esoteric side but it really gets down to the essence of what good online marketing needs to do today.  Without the connection, permission and inspiration your message will not be impactful enough to win a customer.

The current state of social media advertising is an exciting “wild wild west” style adventure and the only limits advertisers have are their imaginations and the capablity of the ad firms they contract to create and manage their campaigns.  With that said, there are many avant guard companies out there who are pushing the envelope for what can be achieved using social media.

Our hope is to collect as many of these case studies here as possible and facilitate an ongoing dialogue with social media professionals as well as those who are interested in getting into social media to grow their business.  We encourage comments after posts, are flattered by re-tweets, and love to receive info about great new case studies that you have heard about.

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