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Posted By admin on April 20th, 2009


Who are the groups “doing it right” when it comes to ad campaigns on Twitter? In this post we will take a look at what has made for successful campaigns on Twitter 6 separate groups.


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Twitter Rules of Engagement: How to Win Followers and Influence Tweeple

Posted By admin on August 24th, 2009

Many companies are looking for the silver bullet to find success in social media.  We have now passed the honeymoon period where everyone is happy that social media is free and therefore any attention generated from having a “social media campaign” is worthwhile.  The time/money investments are apparent to all who have started a serious social media campaign, and real results are needed in order to continue moving forward.

Twitter can be a very successful tool to push your brand message out there.  But in order to successfully do this, you first need to know what can and can not be done in this environment.  When ‘web 2.0’ first came up on our radar, it was in large part due to the viral component that was associated with it.  This viral component is essential to creating a successful campaign with Twitter.

The only way to create a successful viral campaign is to understand the do’s and don’ts of the social media environment.  Just as a lawyer would not be successful in a courtroom without knowledge of proper procedure, so will a company fall short of its goals if it cannot appropriated conduct its marketing online.

With that said, here are the ‘Rules of Engagement’, as it were, for marketing on Twitter:

#1 – Respect your audience

#2 – Add value

#3 – Tell a story

#4 – Give them somewhere to go

#5 – Always have an agenda

#6 – Build your brand (custom twitter background)

The success with your Twitter campaign has three prime requisites.  First you need to be able to get peoples attention, i.e. get others to visit your Twitter page.  Second, you need to send a message to them in a manner that is acceptable and appealing to them so that they connect with and remember what you are saying.  Third, you need to have an overarching plan of action that includes specific plans for your Twitter following after they receive your message.  Traffic to your Twitter page is useless without a way to derive benefit from their patronage.  Use these rules of engagement to bolster your 3 supporting actors and you can be successful with your time/money investment in social media.

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30+ Engaging Social Media Case Studies

Posted By admin on May 12th, 2009


The best way to learn about how to make your social media campaigns ENGAGING is to see what has worked for others in the past.  In this post I share over 30 case studies in social media that will give you a good look at what works and what does not.  The case studies are group together by topic but topics are arranged in no particular order.   Enjoy these case studies and if you have come across any good ones (or are working on creating one of your own) please share them in the comments below!


Greenhour.org – Through the use of a vigorous social media strategy they doubled monthly page views (from 8,000 to 16,000) and their email subscriber base (from 2,500 to 5,000) in just 6 months. A targeted approach of reaching out to influential “mommy bloggers” worked well for them. More Info

Goodwill –  This Washington area Goodwill successfully used social media to intelligently raise its brand, educate new communities on its mission, and create sources of income.  A great example of what can be done when funds are low and manpower is available. More Info

CONSUMER GOODSconsumer-goods

A look into how Target was able to succeed where Walmart failed on Facebook.  More Info

Rubbermaid went full steam ahead with an interesting “talking” campaign that incorporated multiple social media networks into a successful campaign that was good enough to win the attention of Forrester when it came time to pick nominations for last year’s best social media campaign.  More Info


Disney recognized that hitting MySpacers over the head with advertising was not as effective as consistent steady messaging.  This tactic allowed them to produce the following success story in the promotion of their movie “Step Up”. More Info

Sony uses the increasingly popular mode of “Twitter Games” to bolster anticipation for the upcoming release of their new movie “Terminator Salvations”.  Twitter Case Study


Want to know how to blatantly advertise on social media (usually a big no-no) and get away with it?  Check out this case study.

Learn about what NOT to do in the case study about Belkin.  If you’re interested in learning what happens to companies who ignore or are not aware of best practices, this case study is for you.


Network Solutions decided to combat their PR issues of customer dissatisfaction head on.  By monitoring and directly responding to public displays of dissatisfaction found on social networks like Twitter, and various blogs, Network Solutions reached out their dissatisfied customers to improve their overall social reputation. More Info


Fairmont Chicago of the Fairmont hotel chain made bold moves on Twitter using a sophisticated combination of a customized twitter background, direct message outreach, and a Twitter contest to build an engaged community of brand advocates.  Twitter Case Study


(lil) Green Patch used Facebook to raise awareness (and money) for the Nature Conservancy.  Over $67,000 was raised and over 26,000 new members were recruited.  Cause marketing has been around since there were groups to fund raise for.  This case study shows how Facebook can help to get it done.  More Info


PushingBack.com is the White Houses answer for their desire to share timely, informative content with journalists and the general public about the war on drugs. “Pushing Back gives us a way to bypass the filter of the news media and talk directly to the American people.” More Info

Is the Library of Congress hip to the times?  Equipped to combat notions that libraries are a thing of the past? You might say that.  The Library of Congress is active on the Blogosphere, Twitter, YouTube, iTunes, and then some.  More Info


3 highlighted social media case studies from the Social Media Club in San Francisco.  More Info

FIVE MORE – “Five For Sharing”


Luxury-Insider.com launched an advertising campaign on social media platforms using primarily video.  Advertising on social media has proven to be one of the most targeted ways you can advertise online and can be very effective when planned correctly.  Here are the results – “estimated 100,000 video views, Significant, unverified blog and forum views, Front page search engine results lasting for months after campaign close”.  More Info

Luxury Insider on YouTube


Two-for-One case study on Carnival and Southwest who have taken a holistic approach, participating in numerous sites simultaneously.  They have a presence on the popular social media sites: YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. More Info


Carol’s Cookies (www.carolscookies.com) is a social media case study in progress. Visit their website to checkout their ongoing Facebook campaign. I will update this post with more info as it progresses. The take-away for right now is that they built a customized Facebook campaign with branded callouts which entice visitors to their website (where they sell cookies). A Carol’s Cookie “gift” was created using a custom application which allows for viral spreading of brand awareness. This campaign will be culminating in a contest towards the end of the summer.


3 for 1 – Success stories from Sony Ericsson, Addidas, and Olympus America on how they were able to ACTIVATE their sponsorship at a large sporting event and create mass traffic and sales from it. More Info


For those of you who are active reading posts in the blogging world, you have more than likely seen an ad for these guys… Freshbooks’ CEO goes into deetail about how they’re doing what they do.  More Info


A case (study) for the future of blogging. More Info

GREAT CASE STUDY on reaching ‘Mommy Bloggers’.  I saved this one for last because it is a great reward for those of you who have made it all the way through this titanic list.  The case study discusses an approach that successfully harnessed the coveted “mommy blogger” contingency.  MORE INFO

Thank you for reading!  If you are looking for a company that can put the lessons of these case studies to work for you please take a gander at http://mavenmktg.com.

John Marlow

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Twitter Campaign Case Study: 6 Success Stories

Posted By admin on April 20th, 2009


Who are the groups “doing it right” when it comes to ad campaigns on Twitter? In this post we will take a look at what has made for successful campaigns on Twitter 6 separate groups.

The internet marketing community is “a buzz” with excitement over the possibilities of what can be done with twitter.  It’s FREE!  In this economy that is almost all you have to tell an exec to sell them on whether or not Twitter is a good move to help build their business.  But running a Twitter campaign does take significant resources of time.  And, as we will reveal below, some of the best campaigns require the development of websites to make the Twitter campaign exciting enough to get people involved.

So what are these good case studies for success from a twitter campaign?

#1 – Skittlesskittles

At this point most people have heard of the phenomenon that was the Skittles Twitter “fiasco”.  The amount of participation was huge, but the exposure they got from the press coverage of the campaign was even bigger.

Premise: To start a conversation about the brand in the hopes of bringing the product top of mind and getting exposure through viral means

Tactics: Skittles posted a live, uncensored feed of any tweets talking about Skittles on their website

Why it was appropriate for Skittles:  To be honest, a brand like Skittles can only be helped by more exposure.  They didn’t have any dark secrets that could be exposed and, although they did have some pretty raunchy messages posted by some to their homepage, these messages were seen as more of a reflection on those who wrote them.  Skittles was in a position to benefit from the publicity largely without taking a hit to it’s brand.

#2 – Zappos.comzappos

Premise: Get people talking about Zappos by connecting them to fellow Zappos fans and those who work there.

Tactics: They created a Twitter microsite which featured a running tally of Tweets about Zappos and Tweets from Zappos employees.

Why it was appropriate for Zappos:  This was a success because it served multiple business goals at once.  First off, it gave valuable feedback to help improve the customer experience.  It also allowed a medium for the sales force to generate new customers through direct outreach.  Finally, it branded the company as a service releated company that cared about connecting with its core customers.

#3 – Small Placessmallplaces

Small Places is the “first original literary Twitter novel.”  In the space of 140 character or less, Space Places unfolds the story about insects.  Small Places’ story began April 25, 2008 and now has over 3,000 followers.

Premise: Write an novel shared through the medium of Twitter

Tactics: Getting exposure through providing unique entertainment and “re-inventing the wheel” from bloggers who want to discuss unique case studies (who does that?)

Why it was appropriate for Small Places:  Writing on Twitter is a natural fit.  There are no rules so you have the freedom to make what you want of it.  The only limitations for success are based on how entertaining and useful your posts are.

#4 – Maggiano’smaggianos_forweb

Maggiano’s, a national homestyle italian restaurant chain, held a Twitter Contest to increase its social media following.  Offering gift certificates to the restaurant as the prize for the lucky few winners, they were able to increase their following by a few thousand in the space of 24hrs.

Premise: Target people who are interested in eating at Maggiano’s by offering them gift certificates, and (in doing so) get Maggiano’s top of mind

Tactics: Create a time sensitive call to action where respondents must follow within a 24hr period in order to be eligible.

Why it was appropriate for Maggianos:  It generated excitement around the chain and gave it’s fans an opportunity to win themselves a great dinner at the restaurant.  By extending the prize it got people thinking about eating there and in turn create an advertising value that far exceeded the cost of the gift certificates.

#5 – Twitter Autism Dayautism_awareness

Bonnie Sayers, a mother of children with autism, decided to use Twitter to promote awareness of autism and to allow those who live with it to share their experiences and knowledge with others.  Dubbed “Twitter Autism Day” and connected with the #ASD hashtag, this was a HUGE success both by the standards of the benefits it created for those who participated as well as the number of tweets it generated.  This campaign was so engaging that it became a “trending topic” on more than one occaission during the day.

Premise: Create a forum for people to share experiences and knowledge about life with autism

Tactics: Created a hashtag and encouraged people to both “listen in” and participate in the conversation, thus allowing the campaign to both serve as an educational as well as a sharing experience.

Why it was appropriate for Autism Day:  This was a VERY appropriate way to communicate the message because it allowed people with autism to fight back against the odds that were stacked against them with their disease.  COMMUNICATION and MISUNDERSTANDING are extremely frustrating obstacles for those with autism.  Sharing their experiences over Twitter was a great way to combat this, and it gave those who wanted to help the opportunity to help spread that awareness through following along and retweeting.  On a side note, I really recommend checking out the conversations and videos from that day, great stuff.  Here is a must watch from an adolescent with aspergers – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbgUjmeC-4o

#6 – Terminator Salvationterminator-salvation

This is the latest in an emerging trend of twitter games that are becoming increasingly popular.  The emphasis is 100% on entertaining the user.  Advertising is more like a side effect. MORE INFO

Premise: Get the fan-base engaged in the setting that the movie takes place in and let them feel like they are a part of the struggle.

Tactics: Created a complimentary website to instruct users how the game is to be played, as well as to announce point leaders.

Why it was appropriate for Sony:  This is perfect because it does not come across as marketing.  It allows people to get involved in the plot and become engaged.  Since this is an action movie there really isn’t any harm in connecting it with a game.  This is a natural fit.

If you liked this article please comment.  Thanks!

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Engaging Social Media

Posted By admin on April 18th, 2009

Looking to engage social media?  Here are some great tips on how to do it –

1.)Start a twitter account – if you’re looking for a grassroots/low-cost way to get some interaction going with your potential customer base this is a great way to do it

2.) Start a facebook account – again, low-cost and a good way to start building connections

3.) Invest in a basic C.R.M. (customer relationship manager) tool so you can keep on-going records of how well your social media campaigns are working to develop and convert leads.  Don’t have the cash?  Build your own out of excel and Constant Contact.

4.) Choose engaging conversation topics that are designed to entertain and benefit those you are targeting. Contest and free events are great ways to engage your growing audience.

For more information on engaging social media campaigns – contact the experts over at MavenMktg.com.  They can work with you on a consultancy basis to help design the best campaign for you.

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